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He is the author of the successful method of base (record sales)

THE GUITAR WHEEL, divided into three volumes with minus-one CD a real best-seller published by Curci.

After various experiences in different kinds of music, he graduated in guitar in 1987 as a private student with highest honors. Since the late eighties, and for over a decade, is winner in numerous national and international competitions. He has given hundreds of concerts in Italy, France, England, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Hungary and Ireland performing at prestigious concert halls and theaters in cities like Rome, Paris, London, Florence, Edinburgh, Budapest, Dublin, Padova, Ravello , Ferrara and many others. In 1996 he was invited for the second time in Ireland as the only Italian to "Dublin Guitar Week", organized by the Spanish International Cervantes Festival, performing in the Royal Academy of Music in Dublin. As a soloist he has performed several concertos for guitar and orchestra and in chamber music has been part of several ensembles from duos with flute, violin, harp, singing, percussion quintet with strings up to collaborating with Italian artists and internationally acclaimed. Currently experimenting with new forms in concert "senses" with the help of projected images and voiceovers.

The Concertist

Regularly invited to give master classes, workshops, seminars, conferences and workshops in the Festival dedicated to his teaching guitar (Alexandria, Florence, Pordenone, Naples, Brescia, Sassari, Parma, Bari, Mottola, etc.).. There are numerous interviews and reviews in journals such as: Playing news, Il Giornale della Musica, Dismas Music Magazine, Music & Records, Guitare Diffusion. His publications have won numerous critics awards, including "Five Star" magazine and the cover of Seicorde GuitArt.

The Author

The author of the successful method of base (sales records)THE GUITAR WHEEL, divided into three volumes minus-one CD with attachments - a truly "Best Seller" of basic education, published by Curci, Milan. The driving guitar, for many years, including all methods of musical instrument has reached the Top Ten as the best-selling book of music education and used in Italy. Moreover, the same method is adopted and entered into several schools and conservatories of Europe, as well as the United States and South America.

The Teacher

Former professor at the Conservatory in 2000 on more than one hundred and fifty candidates was the first ever, with 100/100 points, at the First National Competition for teaching posts in the teaching of courses in guitar music to address held in Rome. He currently teaches in the school musical to address secondary "Francesco Netti" of his hometown, where he experimented and put into practice new ways of teaching through alternative routes.

There are numerous awards and certificates for his prolific work as a teacher, including the prestigious "Master of Italy" in 2008 and obtained the fable "The music will save the world" in 2010 won a competition organized by RAI, by the Ministry of Education and the Foundation Collodi

The Musician

Much appreciated as an arranger of various music genres in recent years has created and founded several charity projects with the organization of events and CD: Youth Orchestra of guitars "The Flying Guitar Ensemble", the mega Christmas concert, "Magnificent Christmas Show" , The Youth Orchestra of film music "Movie Orchestra".

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