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Rumanian violinist, Radu Blidar, born in 1971, makes his early stages of soloist at the age of 12 and wins the first international price in Prague in 1985. After having studied at the academy of Timisoara and the academy of Bucharest, he obtains a endowment from Guildhall school of London, then he is allowed in improvement at the conservatoire national superieur de musique of Paris in 1990.
Invited by the London symphony orchestra to play in the Royal festival hall, he is then employed by many French and abroad orchestras, and interprets a many concerti from Mozart and Beethoven to Prokofiev and Chostakovitch.
He is also devoted to the chamber music and his performances leads him to the Barbican centre of London, the Lincoln center of New York, the Maison de Radio France, the museum of Orsay, the salle Gaveau, the Chatelet in Paris, the Salzburg's Mozarteum, and in Germany, in Belgium, in Spain, in Ireland, in Italy, in Luxembourg, in Switzerland, in South Africa, in Korea, in Japan...
Prize winner of many international contests, Sarasate 1991, Ravel 1992, New York 1993, Sauguet 1995, Salzburg 1998, Radu Blidar is designated in 1993 better young violinist of the year by the Council of Europe. In 1994, he wins the price Nadia Boulanger, and he receives, in 1997 and 1999, the French Musique price and the Spedidam award for the chamber music.
He particularly likes the repertoire of the 20th century (Bartok, Berg, Dutilleux, Ligeti...) and recorded for MFA, Salabert, Harmonia Mundi, MMSG, some pieces of Constant, Szymanovski, Janacek, Ravel. He plays a 1714 Stradivarius.
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