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Fabrice Millischer Zurück
Fabrice Millischer stood out as one of the most complete and most talented trombonists of the young generation by gaining the First prize of the prestigious International Competition of ARD Munich, distinction awarded for the first time since his creation in this discipline.

Born in 1985 into a family of musicians, Fabrice Millischer began his musical studies in Toulouse. From the earliest age he performed as a pianist; as a cellist and trombonist he was awarded first prize in both disciplines at the pre-college levels. His trombone studies at the CNSMD (conservatory) of Lyon were with Michel Becquet, Alain Manfrin and Daniel Lassalle. Concerned to equally continue his musical studies on the cello , he studied in parallel with Philippe Muller, Roland Pidoux and Xavier Philips in Paris.

Searching for a way to show the evolution of the trombone from the baroque to the present he formed in 2006, along with Aurélien Honoré, Jean-Philippe Navrez and Fabien Dornic, the trombone quartet “Quartbone”. Awarded at the Budapest International Trombone Competition in 2005 and in 2006 at the Toulouse Competition for Baroque Trombone, he won in 2007 the first prize of the prestigious International ARD Music Trombone Competition in Munich. It is the first time since its founding in 1950 that a first prize in the discipline Trombone has been awarded.

Fabrice Millischer regularly worked with prestigious ensembles such as “The concert of Nations” with Jordi Savall, “Les Sacqueboutiers” with Daniel Lassalle and Jean-Pierre Canihac, the “German Brass”… He has already established himself as a soloist performing with numerous orchestras such as the Viennese Chamber orchestra, the Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart, the Orchestra “Hermitage” St.-Petersburg and the Ukrainien National Orchestra. As well he went on tour with solo concerts throughout the world (in Washington, Beijing, Munich, Bazelote, Paris), is regularly invited to a number of festivals devoted to wind instruments : Workshop ETW, Epsival, Wind instruments in Dombes, Limoux Cuivrée Spéciale…

Having become interested in contemporary music, Fabrice Millischer has already contributed to the creation of several trombone pieces, such as a concerto by Jean Guillou for trombone and brass ensemble and other pieces that are specifically dedicated to him. These are: “Libretto” by Etienne Perruchon, “L’appel sauvage” by Alain Celo and the Concerto for trombone and orchestra “La chute de Lucifer” (The fall of Lucifer) by Patrick Burgan.

Since 2009, he is part of the young artists program “Déclic” which assures the promotion of young artists and was awarded in the same year the Silver medal of the Academy of Literature and Art. Concerned with passing along his already substantial experience he began teaching at the Paul Dukas Conservatory in Paris in 2008 , and later, in 2009, was named professor for trombone at the Hochschule für Musik Saar – University of Music. Fabrice Millischer is also regularly invited to give master classes in France, across Europe and abroad in such cities as Washington, Beijing, Quebec …

In 2011 he is the first trombonist to win the “Révélation soliste instrumental” (best young Talent) at the “Victoires de la Musique” (french music awards). He is, the same year, the laureate of the Foundation “Charles Cros’s Academy”.

Fabrice Millischer, “Antoine Courtois Paris” artist, plays a AC420 trombone and he is presently principal trombone of the Deutsche Radio Philarmonie Saarbrücken – Kaiserslautern, German Radio Philharmonic.

For the season 2011-2012, he will perform with the Capitole Orchestra of Toulouse, the Cannes Orchestra and the Besancon Orchestra, will give master-class in France, Germany and Japan and he will be recordind 3 new CD: “Libretto” with the Exobrass Brass Band, a CD with Organ and Piano and a third one with the baroque ensemble “Affetti Cantabili”. His project in Solist with Wind Orchestra (Casanova’s Concerto of Johan de Meij for solo-Cello + solo-Trombone Concerto at the same concert) will be playing many times in France and Germany.
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