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Francisco Montalvo Zurück
Francisco Montalvo developed his pedagogic work from the Class of Violin and improvisation at the Conservatory “Rafael Orozco” in Córdoba from 2002, and previously it has been responsible for the Classes of Violin at the Royal Conservatory of Music “Victoria Eugenia” (Granada) and the Conservatory Superior of Music (Seville).

He is member consultant of the Association Musical Liceo de Córdoba. Member of the Artistic Advisor Board ” of “World String Masters Lisbon– Young Talent” of the School of Music of Lisbon in Portugal, as well as of the educational team of Meadowmount School of Music of New York 2008–. He studied and graduated in violin and chamber Music from the conservatories of Córdoba, Seville and Liceo of Barcelona; His professors were   Gonçal Comellas, Yuri Petrossian and Francisco Fernandez.

He performed a lot as soloist, Improvisation, and in Chamber music.

As composer he produced more than 30 works for violin and piano, published in 2002 in format VHS, (the National Library of Spain) and interpreted by the own author with the accompaniment of the pianist Andrés Carlos Manchado (available in the Public Archive of BNE). In 2008 it is published in DVD their last music work titled “Diverse” published by the University of Córdoba with D.P.L. CO 1722-2008.

As a pedagogue he hold master classes, conferences and monographic sessions on topics related with the interaction between “the sound of the violin and image” and their application in education and audiovisual new technologies and of communication, especially on the relationships “music and audiovisual language and their influence in the pedagogy of the Violin”.

He is an external assessor at the Education (University of Córdoba) he is also invited as adjudicator by international centers such as the Conservatory Tchaikovsky of Moscow.  It has directed and participated in interdisciplinary educational projects between institutions of Spain and different countries, as those carried out between The Stradivari Society of Chicago and the Office for Cultural European “Capitalidad Córdoba 2016” in U.S in 2006, or between the Foundation Prince of Asturias and the Philharmonic National from Cuba in Havana in 2007.

He is the father of Francisco Jose Montalvo, and was his very first   teacher while Franceso was 11 months old!
- Klassik
15. - 29. August 2011
The Cévenol Course 2011
- Violine
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