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MusicAlp, Académie internationale de Courchevel 2012 Zurück

Application Form
Organisator: MusicAlp
Stadt: Tignes
Adresse: Association MusicAlp
BP 40234
75424 Paris Cedex 09
Telefon: 0033 1 43 74 90 04
Telefax: 0033 1 74 18 00 25
Aeyoung Byun
Jennifer Fichet
Sandrine Joanne
Sébastien Joly
Daniela Mizzi
Karine Selo
Brigitte Vandôme
Thuy Anh Voung
Kensei Yamaguchi
Allgemeine Kursinformationen:

How to apply?

Your application can be rejected if the class of your choice is full, or if there is a shortage of accommodation.

1-Prepare : application form, short bio, photo, parental authorization for the minors, fees for the course:

a/ Application form :
- email, fill out the form on this site (Menu "Application Web").
- post or fax (Menu "Inscription PDF"), print and fill out the form.

b/ Biography :
- you can add it on the application form.

c/ one photo (write your name on the back if you send it by post).

d/ Parental authorization :
- copy and sign this text :
I (name) authorize my daughter/son (name) to participate at the MusicAlp Academy (year) during the (number of session) session. I am perfectly aware of the functioning of the academy and I have been informed that my child will be under no supervision of the association. I relieve the association of all responsibilities in regard to the damages caused by, or inflicted upon, my child.
I certify that my child is well covered by my civil liability insurance policy.
I allow the organizers to take all necessary measures in case of accident or sickness as well as hospitalization. Signature

e/ Payment for the course :
at least the deposit (€320 for students and €120 for auditors) or the whole sum. If you send only the deposit with your application, the balance has to be paid at least two weeks before the beginning of each session. How to pay? See 3/ Payment below.

2 - Send the application :

a/ by email : euroinfo@festivalmusicalp.com
After you fill out the application form and the bio. on this website, you can send the photo and the parental authorization as attachment.

b/ by fax : +33 1 74 18 00 25
application form, short bio and parental authorization, NO PHOTOS! (send it only by e-mail or post).

c/ by post : MusicAlp c/c Pascal Devoyon, Postfach 31 10 43, 10640 Berlin, Germany
Since this is a post box address, don't send the application by DHL, FedEx or EMS.

3 - Payment :

The payment of the deposit (or the whole amount) - please choose one method :

1/ Credit card Visa and Mastercard only - you can fax this form. Please write each number very clearly:

Name of card holder :
Card number :
Security number (last three numbers on your signature strip) :
Expiry date (must be after 09/12) :
I authorize MusicAlp to debit the sum of :

Signature of card holder:

2/ Wire transfer (you will have to pay for all the expenses). Please mention the name of the student when making a wire transfer and send us the receipt.

Address :
17, rue du Lieutenant Heitz
94300 Vincennes
Bank Informations :
Bank address:
Agence 00030
103, avenue des Champs-Elysées
75419 Paris Cedex
Account :
00300054639 80
FR 76   3005 6000 3000 3000 5463 980
Bank code :
Branch :

3/ Cheque in euro (payable at a French bank).
Make it out to the order of "MusicAlp"and send it to the German address.


Students : Application and course
- one session : €580
- two sessions :€1080
- three sessions : €1500

Auditors : Application
- each : €120

Room for two persons with breakfast. Cleaning and change of linen in the middle of the session. Price per person and for the whole session..
- Courante* : €230 + taxes (€12,1)
- Gigue** : €350+ taxes (€18,15)

Single room (Supplement) - Courante : + €200

- Dinner*** - €15,2/repas ou €141/pour 11 repas

- Shuttle bus MusicAlp****- return ticket (Chambéry-Courchevel) : €35
- single ticket : €20

- Interpreter (Japanese-French) - €150

*3-star hotels : Hotel St Louis or Hotel New Solarium.
***4-star hotel : Hotel "des Neiges"
****3-course dinner
*****The reservation is required.In case of cancellation, at least one week before the departure of the bus, the payment will be refunded.

- Schedule for the shuttle MusicAlp :
     Chambéry station-Courchevel : 20/07, 31/07, 11/08
     Courchevel-Chambéry station : 31/07, 11/08, 22/08

- Schedule for regular buses : +33 4 79 08 00 29
- Taxi (special rates for MusicAlp) : see informations (FAQ)
- Everyone is required to pay the application fee to be able to benefit from the above rates for accomodation and meals.


- Before 30 June, in case of cancellation, the entire payment can be refundable with the exception of 80 Euros which will be withheld to cover the administrative cost.
- After 30 June, the deposit will not be refunded.
- Starting from 1st day of each session, no refund of any kind will be possible.
- In case your application is not accepted, you will get a full refund.
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