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51. Sommermusikakademie Tibor Varga, Sion 2013 Zurück

Organisator: Académie de musique Tibor Varga
Stadt: Sion
Adresse: Rue du Vieux Collège 13
1950 Sion
Telefon: 0041 27 322 66 52
Telefax: 0041 27 322 66 52
Allgemeine Kursinformationen:

Enrolment deadline : 15 May 2013

Except for the Special Young musicians masterclasses Campus musicus, and Ensemble: 15 March 2013


1. Enrolment form fully completed

2. Payment (course, enrolment and accommodation reservation fees)

3. Photograph (passport type and size)

4. Musical CV (on one page only please! )

Enrolment fee CHF 150.- (CHF 100.- for Special Young courses)
to cover administrative costs. Non-refundable fee charged to each person applying for admission, before 15 May.
Accommodation fee : CHF 100.-

The Academy only makes reservations for students who have paid this deposit and have enclosed a copy of this payment. Chf 50.- will be retained for the accommodation reservation and Chf 50.- will be reimbursed to them on the last day of the course.

Course fees

Payment must be made by 15 May together with enrolment fee. Course and accommodation fees may be reimbursed
(maximum 50%) only with medical certificate, at least 15 days before courses 


Transfer or credit card payment, to be made in Swiss francs only (all costs to be borne by sender) by 15 May 2013, with the mention  « Académie 2013 », 
and the professor’s and student’s name to this account :

Banque Cantonale du Valais
Place des Cèdres 8
CH – 1951 Sion

Fondation Académie Tibor Varga/Cours
IBAN: CH5700765000 C08705826

To avoid bank charges, it is preferable to transfer the total amount in one payment (course, application and enrolment).
Secure credit card payments 
Application + Secure payment by credit card possible via our website.
Cheques are not accepted.
Enrolment in a course will be valid upon receipt of payment.
Selection of Students
If too many students have applied for one course, the teacher can audition the students with a view to selecting a maximum of 10 to 12 active participants. Non selected students automatically become auditors and the difference between the two fees will be reimbursed.
Practice Rooms

The Academy will try to find the accommodation desired to the students who sign up until 15 May, but we reserve the right to make alterations if needed. Date of arrival possible the day when the course starts or one day before.  Date of departure the day of the last class or the next day.
3 types of accommodation are possible (prices per night in Swiss francs, bed sheets included) :

1. Student dormitory
- basic room, double or triple about   CHF 21.- > CHF 28.- per person
- standard room, single room             CHF 38.- > CHF 50.-

2. Room in a private house
- basic room, double or triple about   CHF 21.- > CHF 28.- per person
- standard room, single room              CHF 38.- > CHF 50.-

3. Hotel
- basic *** CHF 95.-
- standard **** CHF 120.- > CHF 150.-

Accommodation reservation fee 
The reservation is valid only if accompanied by the payment order for CHF 100.- for the reservation fee (deposit). CHF 50.- will be retained for the accommodation reservation and CHF 50.- will be reimbursed the day before departure.

Accommodation Payment 
has to be paid at the landlord in Swiss francs  (cash) upon your arrival.
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