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MusicAlp, Académie internationale de Tignes 2014 Zurück

Application PDF
Organisator: MusicAlp
Stadt: Tignes
Adresse: Association MusicAlp
BP 40234
75424 Paris Cedex 09
Telefon: 0033 1 43 74 90 04
Telefax: 0033 1 74 18 00 25
Jordi Bittloch
Aeyoung Byun
Hiroko Ishigame
Sandrine Joanne
Karine Selo
Thuy Anh Voung
Thuy Anh Vuong
Kensei Yamaguchi
Allgemeine Kursinformationen:


● Session I: Arrival on July 20, departure on July 31 
● Session II: Arrival on July 31, departure on August 11 
● Session III: Arrival on August 11, departure on August 22

The registration includes:
● The lessons with the chosen professor.
 -As soon as the registration is confirmed, MusicAlp guarantees that the student will have lessons with the professor of his/her choice, without auditioning.
● Average of 5 lessons per session.
● Optional chamber music course.
 -Groups will be formed on the spot. 
● Accompanists for instrumental and vocal classes.

● For pianists and harpists : free access to instruments for at least 3 hours a day.
● Other instrumentalists:they will be able to practice in their hotel rooms..

● Free access to our events, concerts at the Auditorium, lectures, movies, etc…
●  Depending on the session: free access to Qi Gong lessons or sessions by a therapist specialized in musicians’ physical problems.
● Sportignes Pass (free access to various activities and ski lift)


Required documents 
1)application form
  - PDF (download)
  - Online form
2)short biography
  - including the last school attended, the name of the current professor, the level of studies, and artistic activities if any. 
  - free format; please send it by email if possible.
4) parental authorization (if needed)
  - See general information below (minors)
5)payment of 320 euros (=minimum deposit)
when making a wire transfer, please mention the number of the file of the student that you will receive by email and send us the receipt.

● MusicAlp will keep you posted on the status of your registration (when your application is received, when the professor is consulted, when the registration is confirmed, or if there is any problem with the choice of the professor or the payment.) 
● All the information will be given by email exclusively. 
● Please give us a valid email address that you check regularly. If the application form is hand-written, please write clearly in capital letters.

● The registration cannot be confirmed without the deposit.


● The application form and the biography can be sent 
- by email at: euroinfo@festivalmusicalp.com
- by fax at : +33 1 74 18 00 25 
● The photo should be sent by email or by post only. 
You can send the application by post if you wish, but please note it can take a long time to reach us.
● Before the registration deadline, please use the following address only:

Association MusicAlp
75424 Paris Cedex 09

Registration deadline 
June 30
- Please note that if the professor’s class is full or if all hotel rooms are booked, your application might not be accepted.


● The full payment is due at the latest on :
  - July 1st for Session I 
  - July 15 for Session II
  - July 30 for Session III
● Payment facilities can be arranged. Please contact us..

● Payments can be made by 
  - Bank transfer. Banking information : Website
  - Credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) : Website
  - Cheque : payable to MusicAlp through a French bank
● Apart from credit card charges, all fees must be paid by the applicant.  
● For security reasons, please do not send your banking information by email. It is preferable to use a fax.

Cancellation policy

Before June 30: Your payment will be refunded, with the exception of 100 Euros which will be withheld to cover the administrative cost.
After June 30: The deposit cannot be refunded.
*** If a professor cancels his/her participation in the academy, the student will be able to choose another professor OR be fully refunded (without indemnity).


● From age 16, they must provide a signed parental authorization:
● Under 16, they must be accompanied by a parent or an adult with a parental authorization. 

Shuttle bus
Departure from Chambéry-Train station on July 20th, July 31st and August 11th
Return from Tignes to Chambéry on July 31st, August 11th and August 22nd
The schedule will be given on this page at the end of April.
The trip will last around 2:30 hours.
The shuttle will run only on those days.The reservation is required.
The cancellation should be announced one week before at the latest.

Music stands
Instrumentalists should bring their own stands.

Chamber music
If you wish to take chamber music, please bring your own music scores.

● MusicAlp disclaims any liability in case of theft or damage to instruments or personal belongings. We advise you to take out a personal insurance.
● Students will be required to pay for any damage.
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